Our Mission: comfort those in need, care for those that are hurting and love because Christ first loved us


Help comes in many forms and the help you provide can as well. Whether you are able to provide items for the care packages, meals, volunteer your services, make financial contributions or assist in other ways; it will all go towards assisting hospice patients and sharing the love of Christ.

Care Packages

The Care Package will include various items like lotion, hand sanitizer, lap blankets, etc.. The items contained in the packages will vary depending upon the needs and product availability but the one constant will be literature which will explain the love of Christ and the importance of having a relationship with Him.



We understand that as families are dealing with the care of a loved one, often times it can cause a financial strain. Whenever possible we will assist the hospice patient with their electric and water bills, ensuring that they are safe and comfortable in their home.

Gas Cards


Traveling back and forth, taking loved ones to appointments, can be costly. Whenever possible we will provide to the patient's caregiver and family members gift cards allowing them to purchase fuel enabling them to spend time with their loved ones.

Please Note: Care Packages will vary

Home Repair

When minor repairs are needed to ensure the safety and comfort of the hospice patient and the caregivers, we will provide it, whenever possible, through partnerships with men's fellowship groups and local contractors we will repair porches, cabinets, minor auto repairs, etc...

As caregivers are focusing on their loved ones, worrying about how they are going to eat shouldn't be a concern. If they are unable to provide for themselves and the hospice patient, we will work to try and assist them through partnerships with local restaurants, grocery stores and through the financial support of our donors.
Wish List

Everyone has things they wish they could do, whether sky-diving, riding in a hot air balloon, taking a ride in a limousine or in a horse-drawn carriage. We would love to make wishes come true and as funds are made available we will try and make as many wishes come true as possible. This program will allow for one wish to be granted (whenever possible) for the hospice patient.

His Rod & Staff, Inc. is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.